Alison Poste is driven by organizational resilience, particularly during times of crisis.

Following a senior civilian role with the Canadian military, Alison helped to lead the recovery team for the Province of Alberta following the catastrophic 2013 southern Alberta floods, earning her the Individual Contributor Award for the Alberta Public Service. During the fires that ravaged the Fort McMurray region in 2016, her role as Deputy Operations Chief worked alongside First Nations partners, and NGOs to deliver emergency response and recovery services. The role earned her the Premier’s Medal of Excellence, for outstanding service to the citizens of Alberta. 

Recently, Alison co-authored an influential article on best practices in the ‘virtual’ management of emergencies, published in the Journal of Emergency Management. She is now the Recovery Manager for the Village of Lytton, a community in BC’s Fraser Valley that was severely impacted during the 2021 Wildfire season.

Alison’s involvement on various boards and community initiatives brings a strategic and ‘bias for action’ approach to key decision-making at senior leadership levels.

Alison personifies the ICS system standard of networking organizations to achieve exceptional incident management response and recovery.”

~ Daryl Mahoney | Manager, Special Projects | Alberta Emergency Management Agency

“Alison has spent her career working hard to become an expert in her field. I cannot imagine someone more qualified.”

~ Chris Swallow, P.Eng. Lt. Col. (Ret.)